Writing Center Awards

Each May, the Writing Center celebrates several of our fantastic staff with awards related to some of our past Directors.

Dr. Hocks served as the Director of the Writing Lab from 1987-2007. The scholarship named in her honor is generously funded by her family and given to three tutors that best represent her primary aims as Director: face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring, and public relations.

Current Awardees:

Abigail Klapatauskas- Junior, journalism

Elizabeth Busch- Senior, English/Romance Languages

Lily Williams- Graduate Student, Journalism

Dr. Harper served as the Director of the Writing Center from 2007-2018. This award recognizes two graduating tutors who have a “flexible mind, an engaged spirit, and a true passion for working with writers at every stage of the writing process.”

Current Awardees:

Dr. Zelenak founded the Writing Lab as part of the 1976 federal TRiO grant. Her award, established by former Director of the Learning Center Dr. Phil Deming, recognizes two graduating tutors for their “enthusiasm for teaching and outstanding commitment to helping students succeed.”

Current Awardees:


2022: Bella Ledonne, Elise Vahle, Savannah Feterl


  • 2022: Olivia Douglas, Abby Werner;
  • 2021: Aleksandra Kinlen, Lauren Warnken;
  • 2020: Kate Harlin, Kelsey Mason;
  • 2019: Lucy Shanker, Emily Young;
  • 2018: Luke Dietterle, Maddie Niemann;
  • 2017: Connor Crouch, Stephanie Kimmey;
  • 2016: Rochelle Baldridge, Audrey Sanders; 
  • 2015: Joy Han, Jennifer Para;
  • 2014: Stephanie Ebbs, Anna Stout;
  • 2013: Kaylen Ralph, Bill Ramey; 
  • 2012: Jayme Cisco, Katelyn Morman; 
  • 2011: Jonathan Cisco, Woody Smelser; 
  • 2010: Christina Andrade, William Force; 
  • 2009: Stephanie Carpenter, Emily Scarborough; 
  • 2008: Annie Binder, Timothy Hayes; 
  • 2007: Sharon Emmerichs, Amberleigh Slaven; 
  • 2006: Kristen Huff, Jennifer Walker; 
  • 2005: Rebecca McGill, Kimberly Winschel; 
  • 2004: David Allred, Nicole Watson; 
  • 2003: Emily Isaacson, Brent Maness; 
  • 2002: Erica McBride, Jeremy Reed; 
  • 2001: Lucia Pawlowski, Erin Slattery; 
  • 2000: James Black, Amanda Michel; 
  • 1999: Record Missing; 
  • 1998: Wilson, Chris; 
  • 1997: Record Missing; 
  • 1996: Kristine Somerville; 
  • 1995: Record Missing; 
  • 1994: Record Missing; 
  • 1993: Rachel Johnson