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Outreach Presentations

The Writing Center still offers options for Outreach Presentations: we’re happy to join your synchronous Zoom class for a short presentation, just as we would have visited you in your classroom. Depending on your physical classroom space and the needs for social distancing, we’ll need to be very careful about providing outreach presentations in person. Please do submit a request below and we’ll follow up with you for your particular needs.

New links will be arriving on this page presently, but we also hope to provide you with links to short outreach videos that you can drop directly into your Canvas sites as well.

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Syllabus Statement

The Writing Center, normally located in the Student Success Center, will still offer writing support to all students at the University of Missouri during fall 2020. With socially-distant class space at a premium, we have moved all of our tutoring services online, both via synchronous Zoom sessions and the ever-present Online Writery for asynchronous submissions. Our tutors come from all majors and are familiar with a variety of writing styles and formats. Although tutors are not editors and therefore will not “fix” a student’s writing, they will provide detailed feedback and revision options for any writing project at any stage of the writing process, including initial brainstorming, early drafting, major (and minor) structural revisions, and/or finishing touches on a final draft. To make an appointment, submit your work to the Online Writery, or learn what else the Writing Center has to offer, visit their website at

Writing Workshops

If you would like to collaborate on a writing workshop for your course, please contact our colleagues at The Campus Writing Program for an initial consultation.