Meet The Directors

Writing Center Director:

A winner of the 2015 William T. Kemper Award, Dr. Rachel Harper is the current Director of MU’s Writing Center and the Coordinator of the Honors Humanities Sequence. She has taught at MU since 1996 and in the Honors College Humanities Sequence since 1998.

Originally from Champaign, Illinois, Dr. Harper holds a Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Missouri and a B.A. in English and Spanish from Illinois Wesleyan University. She teaches all four semesters of the Honors Humanities Sequence and regularly lectures on Cervantes’ Don Quixote and Melville’s Benito Cereno in the third semester of the series. She also teaches an honors writing intensive course every semester on “The Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing,” which all undergraduates must take before being considered for a position as a writing tutor.

Currently, she is working on a critical edition of Jean Kenyon Mackenzie’s 1928 novella The Trader’s Wife and various articles related to tutoring writing and teaching, including ones on applying acting theory to tutoring with Dr. Greg Foster and on the ending of Don Quixote that was inspired by her teaching in the Humanities Sequence.

When she’s not doing all of the above or serving on a million committees, she’s chasing her three small children. And drinking coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Online Writery Director:

Aaron spent his kiddo years in a town of 100 (give or take) in the middle of Missouri. Now he attempts to raise a kiddo in the middle of Missouri, directs the Online Writery for the Writing Center, plays most manners of stringed instruments in a local band, and gently pursues a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition in bliss-filled Columbia, Missouri.

He collected a BS in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy (not unlike Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse) from CMU (unlike Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse), and an MA in English from the University of Missouri. Along the way, he met, wooed, and was wooed by, an amazing folklorist. They have a house with three dogs (Kitty, Skillet, and Todd), and one cat (Zelda). He prefers his sodas iced, his confections cinnamoned, and his Friday (basket)Ball marathoned.

Scheduling Director:

Megan schedules appointments for the Writing Center and the Learning Center. When she’s not color coding her Excel spreadsheets, she likes to go to brunch on the weekends, hike on the MKT trail with her husband Chris and dog Kenzie, shop online and enjoy Spring patio weather. Coffee consumption seems to accompany all of her hobbies. She really likes coffee. Megan completed her undergrad at MU in 2002 and lived in St. Louis for over 10 years before relocating back to Columbia. Her professional background in retail management at Nordstrom created a foundation of customer service and problem solving. If you have a scheduling issue, she’s your gal.