Meet Our Staff

Aaron has been living and working at Mizzou since 2002, and working for the Writing Center specifically since 2011. He loves his job and wishes he had more time to write a longer, better bio for this page. #goals

Stephanie was born and raised in the Bay Area, a place with only two seasons and where snow is something to visit.  She received her BA in Classical Civilizations from UC Berkeley, where her love of history was turned into a career path.  After stops in Los Angeles and Tallahassee, she came to Columbia to pursue her Ph.D. in Art History and Archaeology focusing on Greek religion and sanctuaries.

During her time at Mizzou, Stephanie worked at the Writing Center as both a WI and Ellis Library tutor.  When the opportunity arose to continue working with the tutors, staff, and students, she seized it.  As the assistant director, she is tasked to help keep everything running smoothly via her small obsession with organization.

Her research takes her to Greece in the summer where she works at a variety of sites, including a sanctuary, a cemetery, and a domestic workshop.  While there is a lot of sun and laughter, it is far from a beach vacation.  Her love for archaeology trumps the very early mornings (she is not a morning person) and the outdoors (she hates the dirt).  But working in a wine valley definitely helps!

She looks forward to working with the tutors and students in the year to come.