About Us

Our Present:

The Writing Center, located in the Student Success Center, offers writing support to all students at the University of Missouri. Tutors come from all majors and are familiar with a variety of writing styles and formats. Although tutors are not editors, they can help with any stage of the writing process, from initial brainstorming, to major structural revisions, to putting the finishing touches on a final draft. We also provide a newly-updated Online Writery where you can schedule appointments and submit drafts via your internet-connected device of choice! You can access information about all of our services via our website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to email us at writingcenter@missouri.edu.

Our History:

Founded in 1977, the Writing Center was established by Bonnie Zelenak, the Learning Center Director at that time. With only three changes of directorship since its inception, the Writing Center has continued to provide an ever-growing number of MU students with writing support. Dr. Douglas Hunt was the initial director of the Writing Center. Upon his departure in 1987, Dr. Elaine Hocks was hired. At the time, The Writing Center (previously “Writing Lab”) was housed in 214 Arts & Science. In May 1994, Charles Schroeder, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, provided the leadership and additional funds to make the WC’s first foray into online tutoring. Eric Crump launched the Online Writery (OW) and further collaborated with Sally Foster to offer the service to students. In the Fall of 2001, the WC’s offices were relocated with the rest of the Learning Center to the Student Success Center, centrally located on Lowry Mall, across from Ellis Library. The third Director, Dr. Rachel Harper, was hired in 2007. In 2008, recognizing that the Online Writery required just as much directorship as the face-to-face Writing Center, Dr. Gregory Foster was hired as Director of the OW. Upon his departure in 2011, Aaron Harms was hired to continue directing the Online Writery. In January of 2018, Dr. Harper took a new position “next door” as Associate Director of the Honors College. We restructured in response to that change, moving Dr. Harms to a Director role, and hiring Dr. Stephanie Kimmey as Assistant Director.

In 2005, via a partnership with the Campus Writing Program, Writing Intensive tutors joined the other writing tutors in the Student Success Center, further centralizing writing support on MU’s campus. This collaboration continues to grow, with (currently) 10 quarter-time graduate assistantships that provide WI support for over 150 courses across every discipline on campus.

Our Future:

The Writing Center continues to expand on its collaborative mission, with partnerships with the Composition program, Residential Life, the Honors College, Graduate Education and Public Health programs, and Ellis library.