Become a Tutor

For Undergraduate Students:

To become a tutor, undergraduate students must complete the prerequisite course, Honors/English 2015HW: The Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing. It is a Writing Intensive (WI) class which addresses both the theory and practice of tutoring and the foundations of good writing. Therefore, in addition to theoretical frames for what writing tutors do, it focuses on hands-on craft and practical experience working with other writers. This course fulfills a lower division Writing Intensive requirement and a General Education Humanities credit. Prerequisite: English 1000. A/F. This class meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00-2:50pm.

This course also prepares students to work as writing tutors. Completing and doing well in the course qualifies them for a part-time job in the Writing Center in future semesters.

Students interested in the course should contact Dr. Aaron Harms at

For Graduate Students:

Writing Center Fellowships are usually year-long, quarter-time GTA assistantships (.25 FTE, 10 hours/week). Students in these positions typically spend their 10 hours/week tutoring students from across campus in a combination of face-to-face or online modalities in addition to some Writing Center administrative duties. Applicants must be available for mandatory orientations during the week of August 14-20. (We’ll be flexible around other commitments, but orientations will take place on multiple days during that week)

Applications for the ’22-’23 academic year are due by May 1, 2022. Interviews will occur during the week of May 9th.

Applications must include:

    1. a 5- to 10-page writing sample of your best work
      • Ideally, this will be representative of something in your field that you’ve written during the last five years. It can be an excerpt from a longer piece or a compilation of smaller texts.
    2. a CV or resumé
    3. a recommendation letter from a faculty member or other professional colleague who can speak to your work, emailed from them to the address below
    4. a cover letter that addresses the following:
      • Your Graduate degree program, level (MA, MS, PhD, etc.), and potential graduation date
      • Your Undergraduate Major(s) and Minor(s)
      • Your previous tutoring and/or teaching experience
      • Your current employment (department and weekly commitment) and enrollment (full-time, half-time, online or on-campus) plans at MU

All materials should be sent to the Writing Center at