Writing Center Fellowships

All Writing Center Fellowships are year-long, quarter-time GTA assistantships (.25 FTE, 10 hours/week). These positions spend their 10 hours/week tutoring students from across campus in a combination of face-to-face or online modalities. Applicants must be available for a three-day mandatory orientation and training workshop in August (18th-20th).

Applications for the ’21-’22 year are due by May 1, 2021.

Applications must include:

    1. a 5-10 page writing sample of your best work
    2. a CV
    3. a recommendation letter from a faculty member, emailed to the address below
    4. a completed application form (PDF)

(That form is currently displaying poorly in Box, the University’s file repository. It’s only a display error; once you download the file, it displays correctly.)

All materials should be sent to Aaron Harms at harmsaa@missouri.edu.

If you have further questions, please contact the Writing Center at writingcenter@missouri.edu