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Headshot of Shane

Hello there! I’m Shane, a sophomore English major with aspirations to add a Sociology major and Linguistics minor. But Shane, you’re saying in the back of your head, what ever will you do with such a combination? That’s why I’m here. I plan to teach in the future, and spend a disproportionate amount of my time desperately trying to connect my greatest passions: writing, learning, and gaming. This is mostly done by reading academic papers excessively and immediately discarding the information therein in favor of my own intuitive conclusions. My hobbies include attempting to create board games that immediately become too complex to ever be playable and rely on meta-commentary to deliver their message, writing science fiction and fantasy stories whose prose immediately becomes too complex to ever be readable and whose message relies on meta-commentary, playing and reviewing video games on my blog, wire-wrapping pretty rocks to make jewelry, and (quite recently) knitting. For fun, ask me about a philosophical concept and watch my eloquence deteriorates as I desperately scramble to explain even the most basic ideas… or schedule an appointment and we can talk about your writing! I like that, too.

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