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Hello there! My name is Shane, and I’m completing my final year in an English and Linguistics double major with a minor in Sociology. I’ve also recently been accepted to the English Department’s new Accelerated Master’s program, where I hope to explore the application of literary stylistics and narratology to the analysis of interactive fiction (or hypertext, or cybertext) as well as to the analysis of tabletop and computer role-playing games, particularly regarding the latter’s formal connection to regulations and laws, and the impact of their digitization. I’m additionally interested in what the analysis of narratological, and linguistic, data from representative historical sources can tell us about how our aesthetic desires have shifted over time regarding narratological and/or linguistic complexity. This is all, of course, pursued with a focus on the social impact and implications of these changes and analyses, respectively. In the future, I hope to teach English courses at a high school or community college, but I also have a variety of hobbies. I love to play and (infrequently) make board and video games, knit (though not very well), paint miniatures, read and (very infrequently) write science fiction, and explore the natural world around me. I hope you’ll find me a knowledgeable tutor, and I’ll do my very best to be one!

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